Welcome to Bedtime Bliss Edmonton Sleep Consultant

Let’s Get Some Sleep!!

Bedtime Bliss Edmonton Sleep Consultant offers only personalized infant and toddler sleep solutions for your child’s and families unique needs. As an Edmonton Sleep Consultant I will help support you while you support your child while they learn this vital life long skill. I will help educate you so you have all the knowledge needed to help your baby learn their new skill and how to help support them when they are going through future regressions, illnesses or changes in schedules. I will also encourage you and help you to believe that this is possible! If you book with me, in a short while you will be sleeping better, I guarantee it!

Today, families have been overwhelmed with so much conflicting advice on how to get the sleep they and their child desperately need. My passion and mission is to help families through the highs and lows of parenting young children by helping you, the parents, become their own child’s sleep expert.

If you’re exhausted and overwhelmed by your child’s sleep difficulties, please contact me. We can schedule a FREE sleep evaluation as well as a few suggestions to get you pointed in the right direction. Or take a look through the packages and choose one that is the best fit for you.

There are so many different sleep training methods!! Based off your child’s ages, temperament, sleep struggles, current sleeping space and your parenting style we can work together to find the best method to fit your family.